Why Try Outdoor Teambuilding Activities?


Creating a strong company culture isn't always easy. However, when you get it right, you should have fewer HR issues and greater productivity. One way to achieve a harmonious workforce is through teambuilding activities. Here's why you should try those that take place outdoors. Office Escapism Teambuilding should ideally focus on some sort of escape from the office. Office escapism lends itself well to employees relaxing, as they're no longer in the environment where they feel a need to be formal.

12 April 2022

Essential Aspects to Consider When Choosing a Game Lodge


No trip to South Africa is complete without a safari, which presents an opportunity for tourists to interact with the wild in person. The best part is that you can opt for a game lodge deep in the wilderness and marvel at the beauty nature has to offer. However, the sheer number of reserves in South Africa presents a problem since tourists have to choose from an endless list of game lodges.

16 March 2021

Two Essential Considerations To Deliberate On When Selecting A Wedding Venue


A mistake some engaged couples make is underrating the importance of putting careful thought into their venue under the guise that as long as it is affordable, it will be the right option. However, what these couples are not taking into account is how the entire itinerary will be hinged on this decision. Not only do you need to factor in dates, more so if your preferred venue is popular but you also have to consider the number of guests, the catering options that will be available to you and more.

17 March 2020

Two tips for engaged couples who want their dogs to come to their weddings


Lots of engaged couples who have dogs will end up including their beloved pets in their weddings. If you got engaged recently and would love your dog to be included in your wedding, these are some tips which, if you follow them, should ensure that your pet's presence at the event doesn't cause any issues. Check that the wedding venue allows pets before you pay your deposit The first thing you must do is check that the wedding venue allows pets before you book it.

4 March 2020

3 Ways to Reduce Your Wedding Venue Costs


While some people can splash unlimited cash on their weddings, many people have to work to a budget. If you're short on money, then you might not know how to create a truly memorable day without spending too much. The following tips will help you reduce your venue costs. 1. Avoid Popular Booking Periods People tend to get married on certain days, such as weekends. Certain times of the year, like summer, are also popular.

25 February 2020