3 Ways to Reduce Your Wedding Venue Costs


While some people can splash unlimited cash on their weddings, many people have to work to a budget. If you're short on money, then you might not know how to create a truly memorable day without spending too much.

The following tips will help you reduce your venue costs.

1. Avoid Popular Booking Periods

People tend to get married on certain days, such as weekends. Certain times of the year, like summer, are also popular.

If you try to book a venue at one of these popular times, then you won't just find it hard to get a free slot, you may also pay through the nose for it. You could, however, save money by switching to a different time, day or even season.

For example, some wedding venues charge less for a weekday booking than a weekend one. They may also charge less for weddings outside of popular seasons like summer and Christmas. So, if you can be flexible on your date and time of year, then you could save money on your venue hire.

2. Go for a Buffet

If you have a sit-down wedding meal, then you don't just pay for food, you also pay for table service. The venue will have to provide enough waiting staff to service each of your tables. You may also need wine waiters and bar staff to bring drinks to your guests.

If you opt for a buffet meal instead, then you reduce the number of waiting staff you need. You may only need a couple of staff behind the buffet or even none at all if you go full self-service.

Setting up drinks on tables or using a bar in the room also reduces staff costs. The fewer people you have waiting on your wedding party, the cheaper your bill will be.

3. Do Your Own Decorating

Some wedding venues will decorate the rooms you use to your preference. While this is an easy option, it adds to your costs.

In some cases, you can arrange to provide and put up your own decorations. For example, you could supply your own floral arrangements, table displays, balloons and banners.

If the venue is happy letting you do this, then it's a good option. As well as enabling you to fully customise the rooms you'll use, you may reduce your costs if you source these things yourself.

If you aren't sure how much you will have to spend and how you can meet your budget, then wedding event venue planners can help. They can talk you through your options and help you keep your costs low. For more information, visit Mount Edgecombe Conference Centre.


25 February 2020

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